Speech Problems


Speech Problems

If you or someone you know has speech problems, myofunctional therapy may be able to help! In myofunctional therapy, exercises are used to train and strengthen the oral muscles that may be contributing to speech problems. Myofunctional therapy should not take the place of speech therapy, but can often be helpful in addressing underlying muscular involvement, mouth breathing, tongue tie or tongue thrust that are commonly seen in tandem with speech issues.

Can Myofunctional Therapy Help Adults With Speech Problems?

Myofunctional therapy at any age teaches proper tongue movements, placement and muscle control to help functional problems that may affect speech. Orofacial myofunctional disorder (OMD's) can develop in response to late jaw growth, worsening of a malocclusion over time, tongue thrust or other reasons such as tooth loss. Adults of any age are capable of achieving successful treatment. If speech issues remain after myofunctional therapy treatment is completed, a referral will be made to a qualified speech therapist to address these issues.

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